PABS is partnering with the largest lumber company in DFW

Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Partnership

Given both our experience and expertise in our line of business, the act of partnering with other giants in the industry should not come as a surprise to anyone. It is paramount that we join hands with the largest lumber company in DFW, due to the changing times and the complex needs of our clients. With our continuous desire to provide highly reliable recycling solutions, we have come up with a superb recycling idea that we will implement with the lumber company. Its aim is to lower their carbon emissions footprint and realize savings in their operations.

How PABS Will Implement This Strategy

Reduction of carbon footprints is easier said than done. That is because it requires changes at all levels of operation and not just a change from the top management. With our experience and reliability, we are working together to realize the desired carbon footprint from the lumbering sector.

Being the largest company, they will be a huge step in the influence towards a cleaner safer environment through the industry. We will provide expert advice and consultations with them to ensure that the wood leftovers they always have after their milling and construction projects are put into proper environmentally friendly use.

The Lumber Company also wishes to affirm to their customers that they will from now henceforth work towards a safer environment. With our support and assistance, they also promise to use in the excellent eco-friendly manner the woods and carvings that remain from all their projects. They will also expand the wood recycling program nationwide given their huge presence all over with their numerous mills.

Those who are keen on finding out more about our partnership should contact us or visit our website to learn more about our services. Our friendly staffs will enlighten you on our objectives and answer all your questions anytime.


New Division - Mandate Compliance - Legislating Tracking

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Announcing Our New Division

Those of us at PABS are pleased to announce the launch of a new service that will focus on assisting our clients with meeting the recycling and reclamation mandates laid out in the latest legislation on the issue. It is our hope that our service will provide local businesses with both the expertise and the experience needed to improve their recycling and reclamation efforts to an extent that will exceed what is being asked of them.

How We Can Help with Legislation Tracking and Mandate Compliance

Protecting the environment while balancing it with other societal priorities is neither a simple nor a straightforward issue, so it should come as no surprise to learn that the relevant legislation is being updated all the time. Furthermore, such rules and regulations are being instituted by more than one level of government, which can make keeping track of them a challenge for even the most conscientious businesses out there. For those that could use a helping hand, PABS is here to provide them with the latest information on the relevant legislation.

Of course, knowing about the relevant legislation is meaningless without being able to achieve compliance with the mandates laid out in the same. Once again, PABS is here to help by providing the on-site training and other measures needed to surpass the recycling and reclamation mandates while in close consultation with our clients. In fact, we will even provide updates about the status of compliance at the site to the relevant authorities, thus saving our clients both time and effort that could be better used for other matters.

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To learn more about how our new service can help our clients run their businesses in a smooth and uninterrupted manner, please contact us at PABS to speak with a member of our team. In this as in so many other things, being informed is essential to ensuring success.

​How do I prepare my trash cost budget for the year?

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Introduction to the Trash Cost Budget

Most people are familiar with the concept of master budgets, which serve a number of uses for businesses. For example, the estimated figures laid out in master budgets can be used as forecasts of financial performance over a set period of time. Likewise, comparing the estimated figures with their real counterparts serves as a simple but nonetheless method for measuring either success or the lack thereof.

Given these uses, it is no coincidence that businesses are interested in separating their master budgets into their constituent components so as to examine parts of their operations up close. For businesses interested in examining their trash costs, creating a trash cost budget is an obvious solution.

How to Estimate Figures for the Trash Cost Budget

Businesses can come up with the figures listed in a trash cost budget using the same methods for the figures listed in similar financial statements. In main, such figures are based on their previous experiences. For example, if a business incurred $2,000 in trash costs for a set amount of trash in 2014, then it has excellent reason to believe that $2,000 will make a reasonable estimate for the same amount of trash in 2015.

However, businesses can use their expectations of the future to come up with better estimates. For example, if a business has been informed that its service provider plans to charge a higher flat fee, it knows to factor that into its fixed costs. Likewise, expected changes in the rates of wastage, the prices of commodities, and the like can be factored into its variable costs. For the most thorough and comprehensive look possible into their trash costs, businesses need to make sure that both their fixed costs and their variable costs are separated into their constituent components on their trash cost budgets.

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To learn more about how PABS can manage your bookkeeping for trash costs, please contact us to make use of our expertise and experience in the field.


How do I consolidate my trash invoices?

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Introduction to Consolidated Trash Invoices

Befitting their name, consolidated invoices are used to present the information contained in multiple invoices in a single, simple-to-use format that maximizes ease of use without compromising on comprehension. Better still, creating a consolidated invoice is a simple and uncomplicated process.

How to Consolidate Your Trash Invoices

Here are the steps to consolidating trash invoices:

  • First, you need to choose the particular period of time that your consolidated trash invoice will cover, which will determine the trash invoices that will be consolidated into said financial statement. Common periods of time for such financial statements include months, quarters, and even years.
  • Second, you need to create a header for your consolidated trash invoice that will provide the information needed to make sense of its contents. Common examples include but are not limited to the nature of the financial statement, the particular period of time that it covers, and the name of the service provider.
  • Before you can start translating each trash invoice into a line on your consolidated trash invoice, you need to decide how much information you want to include in the line. At a minimum, you should include the date of the invoice, the cost of the invoice, and the number of the invoice that can be used to look it up for future reference. However, you should also consider other possibilities such as the nature of the service, the price structure of the service, and even separating the cost of the invoice into components such as the base price and the tax. You should even consider setting aside some space at the end of each line that can be filled in with miscellaneous information to make sense of the rest.
  • Finally, you can list the totals at the bottom of your consolidated trash invoice. Bear in mind that not all columns can be totaled, though the costs of the invoices will always be one of them.

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Please contact us at PABS to learn more about how we can manage your businesses record-keeping when it comes to trash invoices, thus allowing you to focus on your company while we focus on putting more money back in your pocket. 

Introduction to Dallas Recycling and DFW ECO Processing, L.L.C.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Our Partners

Given both our expertise and our experience in our chosen line of business, it should come as no surprise to learn that those of us at PABS understand the need for reliable partners. After all, few businesses can provide their products and services to their clients without having suppliers to provide them with the tools, the supplies, and the other essential inputs. As such, those of us at PABS are pleased to announce our partnership with Dallas Recycling and DFW ECO Processing, L.L.C.

Introduction to Dallas Recycling and DFW ECO Processing, L.L.C.

Like their name suggests, Dallas Recycling and DFW ECO Processing, L.L.C. is a local business that specializes in coming up with and then implementing recycling programs for both small and medium-sized enterprises in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With close to 500 local clients, their excellence is evident. Examples of their services range from picking up recyclable waste that has been stored in one of their roll-off containers to processing recyclable waste from their sorting lines into PEF (Processed Engineered Fuel).

Those of us at PABS are confident that our partnership with Dallas Recycling and DFW ECO Processing, L.L.C. will empower us to provide our valued clients with our services in an even more efficient and effective manner. We believe that our management will become even better at reducing waste, resulting in even bigger benefits for both our clients' income statements and the planet that is home to us all.

Contact Us

Those who are interested in learning more about our partnership with Dallas Recycling and DFW ECO Processing, L.L.C. should not hesitate to contact us as soon as their schedules permit. Since those of us at PABS are committed to being as open and as honest as possible, our customer service representatives are prepared to provide our valued clients with all of the information relevant to their interests. To learn more about PABS, visit our website.

Reduce Your Carbon Foot Print And Get A Monthly Report

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Benefits of Being Sustainable

For businesses interested first and foremost in their bottom lines, becoming sustainable is important because it improves their financial performance in period after period. After all, even though it sounds a bit counter-intuitive, a lot of the effort in reducing a business's carbon footprint is used to eliminate wasteful expenditures that see businesses spending with no return.

That said, there is also the moral dimension to reducing a business's carbon footprint. Each of us is reliant on the planet for our livelihoods, meaning that a smaller carbon footprint ensures that future generations will continue to be able to count on its limited resources. For the smart businesses, there is the chance of turning their efforts to become sustainable into positive PR and thus contribute to better sales.

How PABS Can Help Our Clients Become More Sustainable

Of course, reducing the carbon footprint is easier said than done, not least because it calls for numerous changes at all levels of the business's operation rather than a single dramatic change from the top. For the best results, a business interested in reducing its carbon footprint needs to have both expertise and experience in the relevant fields, which is where PABS comes in.


PABS examines the operations of our clients to find waste that can be recycled. Once we have conducted our initial inspection, we can begin taking steps to see to it that as much of our clients' waste is recycled as possible. Examples range from e-waste to wood and other commodities. Since we have connections with local reclamation facilities, we can even ensure that our clients receive the maximum compensation for their waste, while minimizing the disruption to their operations.

Cost Reductions

Although recycling is perhaps the single most popular method that businesses can use to reduce both their operating costs and their carbon footprints, PABS offers a number of other services that can be used to achieve the same aims. For example, our personnel are capable of auditing operations to find steps in need of improvement, cooperate with our clients to implement innovative solutions, and even assist them in negotiating for better service rates. All while ensuring that our clients remain competitive in the ever-changing business world.


We understand that businesses need fair and accurate assessments of the situation as soon as possible to make the correct choices for their financial success. As a result, our services include informing our clients of each step in our efforts to reduce their carbon footprints so as to keep them up-to-late. Better still, we provide said information in the form of open and transparent reports that report the latest changes while comparing them to the desired objectives so as to provide a measure of progress. Finally, in case our clients have a need for further information, our custom service representatives are prepared to provide them with assistance at all times.

Contact Us

To learn more about our services and how our methods can help our clients become more sustainable, there is no better method than calling us at 877.748.7227. or visiting

Pabs 3rd Quarter 2014 Report

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pabs Mgmt Inc.

A nationwide waste recycling management company with headquarters located in Plano, Texas delivers a wonderful 3rd quarter to add to their continued growth throughout 2014. As always, Pabs is focused on keeping companies from losing money on their waste. They manage this for their customers by staying ahead of the curve with recycling knowledge and current market mandates. This knowledge allows them to maximize their ability to lower a company's carbon foot print while putting money back into the same company's pocket.


..has been a roller coaster of growth for Pabs as they are now working with some of the top business chains in the US. Within this year they have partnered with one of the largest national restaurant chains, one of the largest hotel corporations, as well as one of the largest Service Body Shops in the nation and all companies have many area locations. Servicing these large companies with multiple locations throughout the US has proven to be no problem for Pabs and their ability to continue growth.  What they have done for these companies so far has produced much reward in terms of more money, more production time, and the good feeling of knowing they have drastically reduced their carbon foot print on society.

Pabs has made sure.. help these companies meet new market mandates, while also providing training for their employees who speak both Spanish and English. Pabs also reports, on the company's behalf, to the city's officials to ensure compliance. This year the city of Austin, Texas has implemented a waste mandate on facilities with 50,000 or larger square footage. The city of Austin, in this case expects a bi-annual report delivered with detail and on time.  California state also has very strict mandates for sustainability that are ever changing and evolving.  Companies working with Pabs don't need to worry about these details which can end up wasting a valuable employee's time.

As Pabs continues.. deliver the same recycling services to all of its customers, the service itself can vary based on the company size and type of waste it produces. While the goal is save $1000's of dollars and reduce a company's carbon foot print, the approach depends on the waste. Some of these recycling capabilities are new options that were not available until just recently. For food industries like restaurants and hotels Pabs  handles taking the grease traps and turning them into a bi product. For other companies like Service Shops, the recycling will be things like vehicle bumpers, used motor oil, anti-freeze, etc. With Pabs managing a company's waste bills and having a knowledge  of what to recycle , they can make sure a business does not literally throw away money.

Keep up to date with Pabs Mgmt Inc. and  visit  our website to learn more about our services. If you want to have a specialist analyze your situation, then call us today:  877.748.7227

Are you having problems with your service provider for trash?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Many trash providers today do not deliver on the quality of service they claim to have the moment you sign up with them. They make it very difficult to understand their contracts, services you are actually paying for, as well as the ability to speak to them about your bill. In order for your company to not waste money and to understand how to maximize your trash savings you need exclusive one-on-one support with a provider who cares about your bottom line. With the right provider you will never have to worry about being left behind or lied to, they are your watch dog and hold the trash companies accountable on your behalf.

Maximize Your Savings?

Get a dedicated company who has a team of professional that can focus on delivering savings from your existing trash bill. In order to acquire these savings strategic steps must be made by a management company outside of your current waste provider. This is because your current trash pick up wants you to be confused and stay under long contracts that are designed for their bottom line rather than yours. An outside management company who focuses on recycling your existing trash and managing your contact with your existing trash provider will ensure you savings. A company of this nature only gets paid themselves on the savings that they make for you, so it is a no brainer that their main concern is you. The right management company understands how important it is to minimize the cost of your recyclables and lower the overall cost of your trash bill. This is why they are dedicated to not only helping your business thrive, but also helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Full Service Is a Must?

The most effective waste management companies offer a full spectrum of services that can help benefit a business's trash savings. In order to save the most money you need a company who can "Consult" with you to understand not only your existing situation but your future situations as you grow. From there your provider must be able to "Broker" your existing recyclables to the right place for the best value which will not only stop you from literally throwing away money, but now getting paid on the savings and lowering your carbon foot print. Lastly your provider must truly "Manage" this service, which means they must scrub your trash bills, speak to these trash companies on your behalf, and work directly for you to manage your trash savings. Providers who offer a full program of this nature are perfect for your company. Not only do they save you money, help the environment, but they allow you to do what you do best, run your business.

About Us

Pabs Mgmt Inc. has over 20 years of experience, and we have never had a customer for which we have not been able to save money. We offer a full service company to a variety of businesses and industries and work directly for you. To learn more about Pabs, please contact 877.748.7227 or visit our website